Repair Line

Designed to reconstruct damaged and fragile hair fibre.

The Repair Line actively reverses damage, and rebuilds the hair fibre from within to fortify against day to day wear. Experience unparalleled nourishment and repair with long-term protection to ensure lasting results.


Repair Shampoo

Strengthening Cleanser
Daily gentle cleansing and strength that leaves delicate and damaged hair feeling smooth.


Repair Perfect Hair

Structural Strengthening Foam
Stability, strength, and repair to target weak hair when wet – at the time when it’s most sensitive.


Repair Conditioner

30-Second Repairing Cream
Rapid, 30-second repair and conditioning that restores strength to weak and brittle hair.


Repair Mask

Deep Hair Strengthener
Deep repair and restoration of strength to the most damaged of hair in just one application.


Repair Infusion

Anti-Breakage Shot
Modular, in-salon reconstruction, strength and resilience for hair that needs additional care and attention.

The FibraBuild


  • Hydrolysed Keratin
    Restores the hair structure from within
  • Optimised Quarternium Compounds
    Refills and smooths damaged areas
  • Amino Acids
    Nourish and protect

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