Purify Line

Designed to deeply cleanse and reduce dandruff.

We’ve worked with dermatologists to create expert formulas that not only eliminate visible dandruff. They actually combat its causes. The Purify Line is so gentle and effective, it can replenish your healthiest scalp without throwing off your delicate pH balance.


Purify Shampoo

Anti-Dandruff Cleansing & Protection
Meticulously balanced, gentle cleansing to alleviate dandruff and excess oil.



Purify Lotion

24-Hour Dandruff Protection
Targeted leave-in treatment, formulated with 24-hour protection against dandruff.


Purify Mask

Intense Dandruff Protection
Intense nourishment and protection to leave your hair dandruff-free and soft as silk.


Purify Shampeeling

Intensive Dandruff Removal
Gentle, yet powerful dandruff removal designed to transform the scalp.


Volumize Infusion

Strength Shot
Modular, in-salon volume and resilience that strengthens the hair without weighing it down.



  • Zinc Pyrithione
    Dandruff regulation
  • Witch Hazel Extract Reduces inflammation + adstringation
  • Hinokitiol Natural, active microbiocide from Japanese Hinoki Cedars; Reduces microorganism on the scalp
  • Piroctone Olamine Proven effective anti-dandruff effect
  • Allantoin
    Soothes the scalp + anti-irritation

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