Balance Line

Designed to care for and soothe the scalp

We believe your scalp shouldn’t just be free of irritation. The Balance Line helps soothe and restore the scalp, with mild formulations that help it maintain its own protective barrier. This anti-inflammatory, pH-neutral, and colour-free regimen is specially formulated in cooperation with dermatologists to gently restore your most resilient and moisturized scalp.


Balance Mask

Intense Scalp Nourishment
Intense weekly treatment that deeply moisturises the scalp and relieves discomfort.


Balance Lotion

Instant Scalp Moisturiser
Instant relief from red or itchy scalp that goes deep to restore its natural balance.


Balance Shampoo

Gentle Scalp Care
Skin-friendly pH-neutral gentle cleansing to soothe sensitive scalp.


Balance Energy Serum

Hair Strength and Anchorage
Quick-acting strength and nourishment to transform thin hair into your most vibrant.



  • DL-Panthenol
    Moisturises epidermis (outer skin layer)


  • Betain
    Reduces inflammation
  • White Willow Bark Extract
    Soothes scalp

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