Designed to invigorate the scalp and energize the hair using powerful natural ingredients.

We believe you should never compromise ingredients for performance. Awaken a cleaner, ingredient-conscious scalp regimen – the foundation of beautiful hair. The Nativ Line is specialy formulated without sulfates*, parabens and silicones with up to 95% natural origin** ingredients.


Pre-Shampoo Clay

Nature-inspired, purifying scalp treatment that harnesses the detoxifying power of clay.


Micellar Shampoo

Nature-inspired scalp cleanse, combining detoxyifying micellar with the best of science.


Scalp Fluid

Nature-inspired, cooling toner that refreshes the hair and scalp and protects from free radicals.

N X 1 E

Pre-Shampoo Exfoliator


Nature-inspired in-salon scalp cleanse from pollutants & impurities such as sebum, styling residues and environmental pollutants.

LipidCode™ Complex

+ Açaí Stem Cells Extract

  • The Nativ line with LipidCode™ Complex + Açaí Stem Cells Extract combines the best of nature with the power of science for an instant transformation of the hair and scalp.


  • Açaí Berry Stem Cells Extract
    Known to relieve the scalp
  • LipidCode™ Complex
    Replenishes lipids to regenerate the hair

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